4 Things that May Promote Sickness

Our body comes on ‘health status’ by default at birth. We are not born to become sick. Sickness is basically a signal or messenger alerting us that we are ‘off the mark’ in the game of life. Signs and symptoms are not the disease state nor the root cause. Disease is a manifestaion and so is vibrant health. Therefore for either to manifest in the body appropriate root causes must be in existence. The root cause may be regarded as the input and disease and health the output. It can therefore be seen that we have the power to influence the input and so the manifestation of the output.

The following list comprises of what may act as part of the input in the equation to obtain either health or disease:

Mental and Emotional Stress

Thoughts are the seeds of the mind. The mind may be equated to a garden. ‘You reap what you sow’ is a part of the universal immutable laws of nature. Positive thoughts may be compared to good seeds that will yield a good harvest as long as the ‘garden mind’ is free from ‘weeds’ or negative thought patterns. They yield health as the harvest. Negative thoughts on the other hand may be equated with disease or sickness as the ultimate harvest. Thoughts are known to trigger feelings(emotions). These emotions trigger the release of good or bad body chemicals that may bring about or promote health or disease. Negative thoughts are stressful. They result in immunosuppression and hence promote disease. Positive thoughts on the other hand may trigger ‘happy hormones’ which help enhance the immune system.

Electromagnetic Chaos

Toxic energy exposure may hamper the immune function. Therefore its advisable that you avoid over exposure as much as possible. Radiation from equipments at work and the home need to be monitored.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Our body is made up of nutrients that are also available in plants. From the scripture books we are reminded that our bodies were made from the earth. Therefore our bodies spare part or materials are in the soil. Since we cannot eat the soil, plants have the ability. Plants are what we need to rely upon to obtain pure nutrients. Meat is basically produced by animals through the ingestion of plants. Plants therefore are more superior as a means of obtaining nutrients than animals. Therfore plants will generally help build our immune health and help make our bodies resist disease.

Toxic Body

What we put inside our body in the form of food undergoes nutrients extraction then the waste products eliminated. Other toxic by products are also produced in the process. Therefore we have a mechanism of safely eliminating these. If the elimination systems arent functioning optimally then there will be cumulation of toxins in the body. As these breakdown or rot over time, they also produce more toxins which affect our immune system negatively. Our body may therefore become sick as a result of the accumulation of unwanted waste products.

When we observe all the above positively and put into practice vibrant health must be the end result.

Optimizing the Healing System for the Corona Virus Pandemic

There are some individual responsibilities that each one of us has to take over their life, community and the planet to promote vibrant health and happiness.

Each one of us has an inbuilt self diagnostic and repair mechanism. The health of this system is fully your responsibility. When this system functions optimally we rarely fall sick but when it fails disease sets in. The whole concept of vaccinations is basically to trigger this mechanism to make neutralizing antibodies to an offensive organism. These may either be bacterial or viral in origin. However it has been discovered that lifestyle plays a major role on the promotion or demotion of immune function. At any one time each person may have a unique set of circumstances that sets the current health status of their immune system. This is why some people with depressed immune function may succumb to an infection quickly and others with a robust system survive the episode.

The following simple lifestyle observations and practice may boost your immune function:

1.Hygiene. Wash your hands and body with disinfectant soaps.

2. When coughing place tissue, handkerchief or your hand over your mouth to avoid any spread of infectious organisms if present. Wash hands with a disinfectant.

3. Avoid contaminated water. Drink clean water 8-12 glasses daily to help detoxification.

4. Sunshine exposure helps the body destroy some pathogens.

5. Air pollution exposure to be minimised.

6. Refined sugar and its related products are known to affect the immune system negatively. Excess consumption should be checked.

7. Toxic energy exposure through radiation is harmful to the immune system

8. Stress and unnecessary fear are all immunosuppressive.

9. Fresh fruits and green vegetables boosts the immune system

10. Spirituality or a belief in a higher protective power enhances the immune function

11. Ensure that you chew your food well. Balance your food mix on the plate appropriately. Digestion has an impact on immunity

12. Processed foods normally lack vital nutrients. They therefore end up consuming the bodies nutrient stores reserves during their metabolism. Immunity is therefore hampered.

All the above are simple lifestyle choices that may boost our immunity and help our body fight viruses like corona virus. Lets join hands together and play our part as our experts also play theirs.

Lemon and Immunity Building

The lemon fruit has been used in history as an alkalising fruit when consumed. It is rich in a number of vital nutrients notable amongst them being vitamin C. This vitamin is essential in the natural solutions of a number of health problems including colds, flu,cancer, high blood pressure, obesity or even asthma.

I believe that the world now needs to consume this fruit as much as possible inorder to enjoy its immune enhancement powers and detoxification.

Sincence we currently do not have a cure for the corona virus self care health through the practice of good hygiene and natural building of a strong immune system is vital. A daily practice of consumption may play a major role in both natural prevention and cure of viral and bacterial diseases

Procedure of Preparation

Wash and cut a lemon into slices and place in a glass or mug of hot water. Let it steep for about 15 minutes and drink.

Thats simple and fully under your control. Practice this daily and your body will benefit from the power of its rich vital nutrients.

Corona Virus Pandemic – Creating Wellness Naturally

Our immune system plays a big role in the establishment of a natural defence system that may ward off any pathogenic invasion in our bodies e.g bacteria, fungi and viruses. Good hygiene practice and healthy lifestyle living are all key to wheter one may catch the infection or not. We can observe that at times a flu may be present within your environment. Some people will be observed to catch it quickly. Others are not affected at all. The difference between these individuals lies on the strength of their immune system at that particular moment in time and their practice of good hygiene principles.

The ensuring that one has a robust immune system is ones self responsibility. Therefore during this period of the pandemic corona virus threat each one of us must take charge of their own responsibility in strengthening and protecting their immune system. What can we do at this point of time to bolster our immune system? I would recommend that each one of us must learn and implement a healthy lifestyle that will provide a buffer that may help to prevent or minimize illness. Practising the following may do you and our mother planet some good:

1. Get adequate sleep daily of say about 8 hours. Recharge your batteries well so that you wake up full of energy.

2. Drink plenty of water, say about 8-12 glasses daily. Water helps in the toxin elimination process from the body. This has an impact on strenghthening the immune system.

3. Avoid unnecessary stress. Stress is known to damage your immune system. In fact a number of pathogens that may be in a dormant state in the body erupt at this time and have their corresponding disease manifested in the body.

4. Spirituality. We are all spirits leading human lives in our respective bodies. Therefore we need spiritual nourishment through the belief in a higher power that is always besides us and is on our side. With this fear is dissolved. Fear is also known to trigger the production of immunosuppresive hormones.

5. Sunshine plays a great role in our health as it enables oyr body to produce vitamin D. A number of viruses and even cancer cells are affected negatively through the power of sunshine exposure.

6. Detoxification. Generally green plants play a major role in the process of detoxification. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits to obtain these natural benefits and fortify youe immune defences.

7. Digestion. Poor digestion leads to poor absorption of nutrients from the food you eat. Therefore this state deprives your defence system the vital nutrients required to repair and strenghthen itself.

8. Toxin exposure. Both chemical and radiation exposures tend to damage our body cells and tissues. The immune system is also stressed up and ends up failing. Therefore the need to minimise exposures as much as possible.

Following the above tips we should play a practical role in creating wellness naturally on our earth planet.

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